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Introduction : The legitimising effect of social and environmental disclosures — a theoretical foundation. Corporate social and environmental reporting : a review of the literature and a longitudinal study of UK disclosure. Some determinants of social and environmental disclosures in New Zealand companies. Exploring the reliability of social and environmental disclosures content analysis. Environmental disclosures in the annual report : Extending the applicability and predictive power of legitimacy theory.

Another thing I loved was how you used the examples from the book to help support your topic.

Irony: Lodge’s Ideas Applied to Duong Thu Huong’s “Paradise of the Blind” (Final)

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The Blind TV Censor

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How are websites made accessible?

For this…. Literature, Language, and Life An ongoing discussion. Search Search. Literature, Language, and Life. According to an ABC news report, the website is written in a way that stops people with disabilities using it. What is the real problem though? The IT people at Coles did not take steps to check their service was accessible before they launched it.

It is extremely cheap and easy for most websites and software packages to be designed in a way that enables everyone in the community to have full access. How would a sighted person know if a site was accessible or not? In most cases they would not have any idea. For them the site would look exactly the same. People with low vision or blindness often use screen readers, such as the Brisbane-based free Non-Visual Desktop Access.

Essay on Sophocles' Clever Use of Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King

Screen readers provide an audio description of the content of computer screens. While screen readers are fantastic, they have limitations. One limitation is that they only read text; they cannot explain graphics or photos. Screen readers largely ignore images and photographs.

(DOC) The irony of blindness in "Oedipus Rex" | Azim hossain Imo -

To be accessible, websites should provide a text description of the image or photo. The text can be invisible to sighted users — for instance, by putting white text on a white screen — but the adaptive technology will have no problems reading the text. In this case, a blind user successfully sued the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games to make their website accessible.

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Since the Maguire case there has not been a judicial determination on web accessibility in Australia. In Canada and the US, there have been some significant wins in court. In the UK Equality Act , web access is specifically included in the statute. The Disability Discrimination Act prohibits businesses from providing goods or services in a way that directly or indirectly discriminates against people because of their disability.

Creating a website that is not accessible treats people with disabilities less favourably, which means the business needs to establish that this discrimination is reasonable. The most common argument for reasonableness focuses on cost.