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This can be a very profitable craft around Christmas. All you need to begin making cards is:.

Seasonal wreaths are a common sight at craft fairs. That is because most people have a wreath on their door at some point through the year. There are many kinds of wreaths you can make ranging from simple and easy wreaths with flowers to elaborate mesh wreaths. Items you need to get started are:. You can use empty wine bottles for more than flower vases.

If you have to them, consider turning them into table decorations. Bottles containing LED lights are a big hit at craft fairs. They can be seasonal or everyday, and elaborate or simple. These are simple crafts that will command a decent price at fairs. To make your wine bottle decorations, you will need the following:.

In any given community, you can find at least a few Christmas yard decorations. Whether they are fancy and lighted or simple painted signs, they are a part of seasonal decorating.

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Many people seek unique yard decorations at craft fairs. You can make them as fancy as you want. To get started, you will need:. Christmas bouquets are a sought after craft as well, especially those that mix food and fresh florals. A candy cane Christmas bouquet is colorful, as well as tasty and easy to make. You will need a few basic supplies to assemble the bouquet. Handmade candles are time-consuming and can be costly depending on what wax you use, but they are highly profitable at craft fairs.

The more unique they are, the more you can charge. If you intend to make it a business, offer a discount on their next purchase if they return the container. Regardless of the type of candle, in a jar or molded , there are a few basic supplies you will need before getting started. Many communities host craft shows throughout the year. These events provide a great way for customers in search of homemade items to see your merchandise.

However, many craft shows charge an admission fee, and competition can be quite fierce for certain types of items. If you're interested in selling your work at craft shows, attend several events in your area to get a feel for what products are the most popular. You may also wish to see if you can find a few show participants to interview about their experiences. If you are technologically savvy, selling your crafts online provides a flexible income opportunity. You can either build your own website or sell though eBay. Etsy is another great alternative for online sales.

Although not as popular as eBay, it is easy to use and devoted exclusively to handmade and vintage items. If you have gift shop in your area, consider asking the owner to allow you to sell your crafts.

2. Paper Straw Christmas Trees

While you'll have to pay him or her a percentage of profits, this tactic ensures a steady supply of customers and a year-round market for your work. Before you begin selling your crafts, it's important to understand copyright law. After all, you don't want anyone to steal your designs, nor do you want to break a law yourself inadvertently.

Start by using common sense, like making sure you double-check any patterns or material packaging to be sure you can sell it for a profit.

Make a Ribbon Laced Potpourri Sachet

Additionally, check licensing information if you plan to use another company's branded goods, images, or trademarks within your designs. Santa Decoration Ideas Make the man in the red suit the star this Christmas with our homemade Santa decorations.

These decorations are quick and easy to make and the you can hang them from the Christmas tree or place them around the house to add that festive touch. See all Santa Decoration Ideas. Our most recent project ideas. Pop Up Flower Card. Suitcase Travel Pillowcase. Feel Lucky? Enter a giveaway. Sock Monkey Tutorial.

Bra Purse. A Jar of Nothing Gift. Gorgeous Patchwork Blanket. Dammit Doll. Survival Kit — Friendship. Get Published. I love how bright, modern and non traditional these Christmas Trees look. They would also look great as gift tags or on handmade Christmas cards.

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Use Christmas coloured cupcake liners to make these Christmas trees. Put the Christmas trees on cards or in a garland and decorate away! Make some Christmas paddle pop stick characters for your Christmas tree with paddle pop sticks, googly eyes and felt.

5 Little Monsters: Joy Sign- A Quick Christmas Craft

Are there any other characters you can think of making? How cute is this reindeer hat! Add glitter and colour to your uncooked pasta to make this very simple pasta wreath. Great for Christmas cards and gift tags.