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Many student organizations were in effect and carry on in the present, such as the Sierra Guard, originating in , replacing the Pershing Rifles. COL Ralf created the "Colonel's Coeds," which was a women's service organization representing all of the women's groups on campus and supporting the department of military science.

On average, the attendance to the annual military ball would exceed 2, people. Every commission awarded in the state of Nevada since , has been earned through the Wolf Pack Battalion. Kosach, earned numerous combat awards including the Silver Star.

He then went on to become the Honorable Judge Steven Kosach, serving our legal system and teaching law at the University. Other graduates include Dr. Tyrus W. Cobb and Brigadier General Richard T.

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Cobb is a highly respected Nevada politician and executive who retired from the Army as a Colonel. Currently, the University of Nevada, Reno is proud to be represented in our current War on Terror, with several officers serving in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. TNG novel : Vendetta.

James Wolfe

During the fighting the USS Saratoga , trapped in the cube's tractor beam , was covertly boarded by Borg drones intent on killing or assimilating senior officers. However, a starship crew sent from by Q Junior defeated the drones, ensuring that the vessel's first officer Benjamin Sisko escaped the ship. STO mission : " State of Q ".

Debris from the battle remained in the system through A memorial was set-up and active as of Rachel Aprile 's tactics that she used against the Borg at the Battle of Wolf convinced Starfleet to assign her to Starfleet Academy to oversee the Kobayashi Maru scenario. DS9 short story : " Best Tools Available ".

Sisko created a holographic program of the Battle of Wolf aboard Deep Space 9 in an attempt to discover if a Starfleet victory was possible. DS9 comic : " Program ".

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In a parallel universe , Jake Sisko died aboard the USS Saratoga during the battle, an event which destroyed his father Benjamin Sisko 's Starfleet career, his marriage to Jake's mother Jennifer Sisko and almost Benjamin's will to live. DS9 novel : Fearful Symmetry.