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The historical records of Zhang San-Feng are not very consistent with one another. There are no other earlier documentsthatindicate Zhang San-Feng knew any martial arts.

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Below are some quotes from the Wangzhengnan Muzhiming:. Some records indicate that Zhang was made an immortal figure as the result of the struggle for powerin the Ming Dynasty. When the first Ming emperor died, the grandson of the emperor, Jian-Wen, was made the successor because the crowned prince, Jian-Wen's father, died at a young age.

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Emperor Jian-Wen's uncle, Yong-Le, unhappy with the arrangement, found an excuse to revolt against young Emperor Jian-Wen and took over the throne. Rumor had it that Emperor Jian-Wen survived the ordeal.

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Emperor Yong-Le, petrified with the thought that the outcast Emperor Jian-Wen might organize a counterrevolution against him, sent assassins to search for him. Needing an excuse to send out a search party, Emperor Yong-Le made up a reason to look for the immortal Zhang San-Feng. For over twenty years, Emperor Yong-Le sent assassins all over the empire and overseas searching for Emperor Jian-Wen, but without success. When Emperor Yong-Le finally stopped his search, the news of the search for the immortal Zhang San-Feng had spread all over the empire.

To cover up the real reason for the search and his lies to the people, he commanded that a temple be built in the Wudang Mountains to honor Zhang San-Feng.

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The construction was believed to include the labor of over three hundred thousand people and at a cost of over several million ounces of silver. Yet another, saidthatZhang San-Feng was an ancient Daoist hermit, who after observing a fight between a crane and a snake, was enlightened, and invented Tai Chi Chuan. He was the first to call this martial art, Tai Chi Chuan.

He wrote, "What is Taiji? It is generated from Wuji. It is the mother of Yin and Yang.

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When it moves, it divides. At rest, it reunites. The road to the palace was blocked by robbers, he couldnot go forward.

At night he dreamed that Emperor Yuan taught him martial techniques. Historical locations. Legendary figures.

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