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Muggles can also be described as people who do not have any magical blood inside them. The equivalent term used by the in-universe magic community of America is No-Maj, which is short for No Magic. Since Muggle refers to a person who is a member of the non-magical community, Muggles are simply ordinary human beings without any magical powers and almost always with no awareness of the existence of magic. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and.

Locus Map is a multi-functional Android navigation app adding advanced online and offline GPS capabilities to Android devices. Primarily it is designed and used for leisure time outdoor activities like hiking, biking, geocaching. Besides its leisure time utilization the app is also used by professionals e.

Locus Map development is carried out in cooperation with the community of its users-contributors and as such is partially crowd-sourced. The application has registered up to 2 installations and has been reviewed in professional media e. Computer Bild. It received awards in several app competitions and polls. The day use only park is owned and maintained by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. History Purchased from the Duerst and Ramsby families in , the park was originally named the Erratic Rock Wayside.

The park received a new historical marker along the road in June in a ceremony featuring state senator Gary George. The final approach to the peak is by hiking. Leatherman, June 9, The Leatherman ca. Of unknown origin, he was thought to be French-Canadian, because of his fluency in the French language, his "broken English", and the French-language prayer book found on his person after his death.

His identity remains unknown, and controversial. He walked a mile route year after year. His repeating route took him to certain towns in western Connecticut and eastern New York, returning to each town every 34—36 days. Life Entrance to the Leatherman Cave in Watertown, Connecticut Living in rock shelters and "leatherman caves", as they are now locally known,[1] he stopped at towns along his mile loop about every five weeks for food and supplies. Automotive navigation system in a taxicab. The GPS does not require the user to transmit any data, and it operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception, though these technologies can enhance the usefulness of the GPS positioning information.

The GPS. It connects to the camera via a proprietary cable and can be mounted on the flash shoe or on the camera strap. Nikon GP-1 product information. Deutscher Wanderverband. Currently, 58 member associations are affiliated with this umbrella organization nationwide. In the DWJ, which was founded in in Bad Berneck, are currently about , children and young people. The spectrum of activities ranges from weekly group lessons to international encounters that bring together partners from different countries.

A special emphasis lies in the area of "youth hiking". It is nondenominational and politically independent. Members are organized in over 1, children's and youth groups, and active in the areas of hiking, climbing, nature conservation, sports, games and dance. DWJ the members are youth who have not yet reached the age of 26 years.

The DWJ is involved in. Where's George? Its popularity has led to the establishment of a number of other currency tracking websites and sites that track other objects, such as used books. Statistics generated by the website have been used in at least one research paper to study patterns of human travel in the United States. Rather than the map itself, the data generated by the project is considered its primary output. The creation and growth of OSM has been motivated by restrictions on use or availability of map information across much of the world, and the advent of inexpensive portable satellite navigation devices.

Created by Steve Coast in the UK in , it was inspired by the success of Wikipedia[7] and the predominance of proprietary map data in the UK and elsewhere. This crowdsourced data is then made available under the Open Database License. The data from OSM is available f. Kjeragbolten is a boulder on the mountain Kjerag in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. It is a popular tourist destination and is accessible without any climbing equipment. It is also a popular site for BASE jumping.

The boulder is just southwest of the village of Lysebotn, just south of the Lysefjorden. During the several ice ages known to have occurred in Scandinavia, Norway was completely covered in glaciers. Between the ice ages, the meltwater formed and reformed the valley up to 22 times. The boulder was deposited during the last glacial period, at around 50, B. Davy Jones pictured by George Cruikshank in , as described by Tobias Smollett in The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle[1] Davy Jones' Locker is an idiom for the bottom of the sea: the state of death among drowned sailors and shipwrecks.

George Roberts, by the author Daniel Defoe, published in in London. Some of Loe's Company said, They would look out some things, and give me along with me when I was going away; but Ruff. According to the World Sports Encyclopedia , there are 8, indigenous sports and sporting games. GeoKrety from Greek: geo, "earth" and Polish: krety, "moles" is an on-line tracking service targeted at Geocachers. Each registered object, called a GeoKret plural: GeoKrety , has a unique tracking code, allowing its movements between locations such as Geocaches to be tracked and registered on the service.

While the idea behind trackable items such as GeoKrety originated with the geocoin and travel bug, Geokrety is an independent trackable service that can be used with any geocaching activity. Description A GeoKret can be anything, but in most cases it is a small puppet or other small toy, which can be placed in geocache containers. These missions can be as simple as travelling as far as possible, or travelling to a specific cache, location or a certain type of location.

On GeoKrety. Geohashing is an outdoor recreational activity inspired by the webcomic xkcd, in which participants have to reach a random location chosen by a computer algorithm , prove their achievement by taking a picture of a Global Positioning System GPS receiver or another mobile device and then tell the story of their trip online. Proof based on non-electronic navigation is also acceptable. However, a variation on geocaching, known as geodashing, features a closely comparable principle. The resulting geohashing community and culture is thus extremely tongue-in-cheek, supporting any kind of humorous behavior during the practice of geohashing and resulting in a parody of traditional outdoor activities.

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Navigating to a random point need not be pointless. Some geohashers document new mapping features they find on the OpenStreetMap project. Luke Kleintank born May 18, [1] is an American actor. Early life Kleintank was born on May 18, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his family moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, when he was 2, where he resided for three years, learning to speak English and Spanish simultaneously. Made a part for me", he recounts. Sac County is a county located in the U. As of the census, the population was 10, By , the new state had grown to the extent that the original 22 counties needed to be divided into smaller,.

A letterbox by Alec Finlay, with a rubber stamp poem: "There is a fork in every path". Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in publicly accessible places like parks and distribute clues to finding the box in printed catalogs, on one of several web sites, or by word of mouth. Individual letterboxes contain a notebook and a rubber stamp, preferably hand carved or custom made.

Many letterboxers keep careful track of their "find count". History The origin of letterboxing can be traced to Dartmoor, Devon, England in The state park features approximately 50 waterfalls, some with up to foot 9. The park is used for hiking, bird watching, and geocaching. Flora and fauna The nature area has a mix of hardwood and pine forest with large beech and magnolia trees. The park includes the world record Mexican plum and bigleaf snowbell and the state of Mississippi record hophornbeam. Several uncommon trees that can be seen are Southern sugar maple, serviceberry, umbrella tree, pyra.

It sits on a acre peninsula in Lake Strom Thurmond. The park office sells limited supplies and souvenirs and also rents out a number of games for guests. A short bike trail provides access to the Steven's Creek Bike Trail. Retrieved December 1, Dexter Industries Logo Dexter Industries is a company that designs robots for education, researchers, and hobbyists.

The products range from sensors to switches and may be used for projects outside the scope of Lego Mindstorms. History Dexter Industries was founded in July by a group of engineers with an interest in robotics. Dexter Industries is located in the Washington D. The company has launched a series of Kickstarter campaigns to raise funding for their Raspberry Pi robots.

The GoPiGo is designed to. The earliest known game on a mobile phone was a Tetris variant on the Hagenuk MT device from Today, mobile games are usually downloaded from an app store as well as from mobile operator's portals, but in some cases are also preloaded in the handheld devices by the OEM or by the mobile operator when purchased, via infrared connection, Bluetooth, memory card or side loaded onto the handset with a cable.

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A compass rose showing the four cardinal directions, the four intercardinal directions, and eight more divisions. The four cardinal directions, or cardinal points, are the directions north, east, south, and west, commonly denoted by their initials N, E, S, and W. East and west are perpendicular at right angles to north and south, with east being in the clockwise direction of rotation from north and west being directly opposite east.

Points between the cardinal directions form the points of the compass. The intercardinal also called the intermediate directions and, historically, ordinal directions are northeast NE , southeast SE , southwest SW , and northwest NW. The intermediate direction of every set of intercardinal and cardinal direction is called a secondary intercardinal direction, the eight shortest points in the compass rose that is shown to the right e.

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Locating the directions Direction versus bearing Latitude circles near the North Pole are shown in red. For A a. Benchmarking, also known as benchmark hunting, is a hobby activity in which participants find benchmarks also known as survey markers or geodetic control points. Technically, the term "bench mark" is used only to refer to survey markers that designate a certain elevation, but hobbyists often use the term benchmarks to include triangulation stations or reference marks. Like geocaching, the activity has become popular since about , propelled by the availability of on-line data on the location of survey marks with directions for finding them and by the rise of hobbyist-oriented websites.

Many survey markers in the U. There was also a surge in creating these marks in the U. In the U. Look up muggle in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A muggle is a person without magical abilities in the Harry Potter series. Otherwise, it has been used in a number of groups and fields to refer to an outsider, non-initiate, or one lacking basic knowledge of the field. Treasure hunting is the physical search for treasure.

For example, treasure hunters try to find sunken shipwrecks and retrieve artifacts with market value. This industry is generally fueled by the market for antiquities. The practice of treasure-hunting can be controversial, as locations such as sunken wrecks or cultural sites may be protected by national or international law concerned with property ownership, marine salvage, sovereign or state vessels, commercial diving regulations, protection of cultural heritage and trade controls.

Treasure hunting can also refer to geocaching — a sport in which participants use GPS units to find hidden caches of toys or trinkets. Actors Since the late s, reacting against increasingly energetic efforts by the international community to stop the destruction of the world submerged cultural heritage, treasure hunting companies started hiring archaeologists and marketing directors, making public statements about their good intentions.

Treasure hunting activity, however,. Geohash is a public domain geocoding system invented by Gustavo Niemeyer[1], which encodes a geographic location into a short string of letters and digits. It is a hierarchical spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape, which is one of the many applications of what is known as a Z-order curve, and generally space-filling curves. Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary precision and the possibility of gradually removing characters from the end of the code to reduce its size and gradually lose precision.

As a consequence of the gradual precision degradation, nearby places will often but not always present similar prefixes. The longer a shared prefix is, the closer the two places are. Web site geohash. Generally his repertoire comprises pop and adult contemporary music. His father was head of the local Tamil music school. Music career At his early public performances, from , he shortened his name to Kamal, but successive masters of ceremonies announced him as "camel"; so he changed its spellin.

It was first constructed in ,[1] and later expanded. The open water area is 91 hectares,[2] making it largest area of water in West Yorkshire. The reservoir and the surrounding woodlands are both Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Archived from the original on 28 October Retrieved 1 August Archived from the original on 9 Ja. John C. The airport is sometimes considered as a reliever for Toronto Pearson International Airport. The end of World War II saw the closure of the base, and its conversion to civil use attracted regional and international passenger services with connections to major Canadian cities and seasonal destinations.

Regular services to the U.


It was announced in [1][2]. History Scrip and tokens have often been issued locally in times of severe economic distress such as financial crises and the Civil War. During the Depression, a local bank in Tenino, Washington, issued emergency currency printed on thin shingles of wood. Individuals can have their own personalized token made and then trade with others who also have had their own made. This i.

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Frisian Quotefall Puzzle Quotefall or dropquote is a puzzle type in which a quotation is hidden. When correctly completed, the words read from left to right form a quote. Quote The quote can come from a known person. In addition to quotations, proverbs and sayings can also be used. Quote puzzles can also refer to a book or film. There are also quote puzzles without black boxes in the solution field. There are also combinations of a quote puzzle with a crossword puzzle or cryptic crossword. Here, solution letters of the crossword puzzle or the cryptogram can be transferred to the quote puzzle.

With geocaching puzzles, coordinates are hidden in a quote puzzle[2] The upper half of the puzzle consists of columns with letters. These letters should fall from the letter column perpendicular to the bottom of the diagram. The given column letters are in alphabetical order. The words of the quote are separated by blac.

GPS navigation software usually falls into one of the following two categories: Navigation with route calculation and directions from the software to the user of the route to take, based on a vector-based map, normally for motorised vehicles with some motorised forms added on as an afterthought. Navigation tracking, often with a map "picture" in the background, but showing where you have been, and allowing "routes" to be preprogrammed, giving a line you can follow on the screen.

This type can also be used for geocaching. Terminology Track A track is a trace of somewhere that you have actually been often called a "breadcrumb trail". The GPS unit external or internal periodically sends details of the location which are recorded by the software, either by taking a reading based on a set time interval, based on a set distance, based on a change in direction by more than a certain angle, or a combination of these. Each point is stored together with its date and time.

The resulting track can be displayed. The Polish name is related to surveying. The street is neglected, situated in the infamous 'Bermuda Triangle' district. References "ul. Retrieved 15 December Bera, Piotr 14 January External links Wratislaviae Amici. A classic geocache — trade items in a military ammunition box. An "Ace" Geocoin. A granola bar in a geocache in England.

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Even if sealed, food is not allowed in geocaches, as it is considered unhygienic and can attract animals. Geocaches come in a range of sizes. Top: a magnetic nano geocache in the City of London. Bottom: A large bucket geocache in the Czech Republic. Coordinates for a geocache can be downloaded onto a GPS receiver and found, without the need for a printout. The Shambles, the road in Wetherby , Yorkshire , England, is the site of a controlled explosion on a geocache container in which was mistakenly perceived to be a bomb.

A geocache that has been clearly labelled, in order to clarify that the container is harmless in an attempt to reduce alarm if accidentally discovered. A 79 year old man fell off a cliff in Dishman Hills , Washington , while geocaching in A message from under the stone on the Cauld Hill O' Fare. A geocache hidden through Opencaching. BBC April 29, Retrieved April 5, Society, National Geographic January 21, National Geographic Society.

Retrieved December 29, S Government: GPS accuracy". February 17, Retrieved March 27, Dave Ulmer May 3, Stash 1 is there! Retrieved March 18, Parry, Cristina April 29, BBC News Oxford. Retrieved March 3, Geocaching HQ. September 7, Cachers from all over the country take part in these one day competitions where 15 caches have to be found on foot in a small area before sunset. The first competition was in the spring of with 42 teams taking part, the tenth in autumn with teams. Hungarian style geocaching has these peculiarities: To log a find on the website you have to know the codeword of the cache, which appears in the logbook.

Moving caches and virtual caches are allowed. You have to find 20 traditional, non-Budapest caches before you are allowed to place one. There are 12 hand picked moderators who have two days to vote on a new cache application. The cache must have four more yes votes than no votes to appear. But on the third day a simple majority of the yes votes is enough for the cache to become public.

The moderators are the same people as the members of the Association.

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  4. So at present there are 12 members only. Supporting members are allowed to take part in polls and may voice their opinion at the annual assembly. Statistics in April caches out of which are abroad, in neighboring countries , , logs, registered users, members and supporting members. Record holders: Freddy, who found caches you can find moving caches more than once and there are archived caches too! MikiCache, who placed 49 caches. Most found cache times : Zero kilometer mark by Tyborg. They are currently in the process of piloting two programs aimed at getting families outdoors.

    Free cache database, the second oldest site for posting caches. Based out of Rochester New York, the site, run by PCMedic and Quinn, has a somewhat more lenient policy with regard to the posting of caches than Geocaching. Virtuals are encouraged, and moving caches are permitted with some restrictions.

    The site does not currently have a way to post a Locationless Reverse Virtual cache. The flavor of the site tends to be more european, with many German caches being posted, for example. Many cachers got their start on Navicache. Some cachers list and log their caches on both sites simultaneously, and this practice is encouraged. A caching website that promotes a quality over quantity focus, and gives members enormous power to decide what types of caches are allowed in their area through a decentralized system of approval and peer review.

    Quality is measured by the community's rating of each cache on a ten-point scale from "Should be Archived" up to "Superb. A 10 is a perfect score, and anything 1. Finders and placers of caches earn TPS terracaching point system points instead of smileys. A drive-up cache would be found frequently so would likely have a low TPS, around 1. A difficult cache on top of a mountain would likely be harder to find an so would earn a higher TPS point value. Terracaching currently supports locationless caches as well, though the scores for Locationless and Traditional caches are figured separately.

    Far from being an 'elitist' site, Terracaching. Many Terracachers play on other sites as well. To gain access to the site, you must be sponsored by two existing players. These sponsors become your approvers, and you can change approvers any time if you wish. If you don't know two existing players, just post a note in the forum with your City and any other details of your caching history, and you'll receive offers of sponsorship usually within minutes.

    It's a collaborative, community effort by and for players who enjoy using a GPS for location-based games. Geocaching - The site lists geocaches for finding and logging. Sponsors are not required. All types of caches are welcomed, including virtual caches, moving caches, locationless caches, etc. Shutterspot - Players take photographs, then other players try to find the spot where the photographer stood.

    MinuteWar - Capture-the-flag. The whole world is the battle field. All players compete against each other no matter where they live.

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    Maps are divided into 1 minute squares of longitude and latitude. Inside each square is a virtual flag. Navigate to the flag to capture it. Coincidentally, the site also hosts a geocaching wiki, as the site encourages community involvement and ownership of the content of the Web site. See GPSwiki. A listing site for Australian geocachers. It got its start as a geocaching portal and forum site for Australian geocachers. It started listing caches in Jan, There you will find an old abandoned church from the 14th century that has seen better days.

    Local Petr Koukl knows the church well:. The last straw, though, was the collapse of part of the ceiling during a funeral service in which chased the mourners out. After that the church was closed and not reopened again. Utah is a four-season adventure destination. In spring geocachers can take advantage of pleasant temperatures and colorful, red rock landscapes surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges.

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